Can u find any punctuation, grammar, and word flow errors? I give points and :) Introduction Once finished reading the

Can u find any punctuation, grammar, and word flow errors? I give points and 🙂

Once finished reading the play Julius Ceasar written by William Shakespear, we must ask ourselves, is Brutus a Betrayer or Patriot? First off, not only did Brutus murder his best friend, but he declares he did it for the sake of Rome. Brutus not only did this, but he said he loves all people of Rome and wants what’s best for him. Is Ceasar not a person too? He obviously wasn’t thinking about Ceasars life. Although, some say Brutus taking Ceasars life was the for the better of Rome, Brutus did not give Ceasar a chance, and Ceasar could have made many good choices for Rome, but he did not have a chance due to Brutus took his lie due to his selfish ambitions.
Body Paragraph 1
Brutus takes the life of his best friend who trusted him just so he could have power over Rome:
“Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.”
However, Brutus only kills Ceasar for the good of himself. In fact, Brutus knew the only way to gain power and feel strength over Rome was to kill his most trusted and loyal friend. As well as Brutus only turns against Ceasar due to Cassius gets inside his mind. But Brutus not only turns once against Caesar but twice, showing how he is not a man of loyalty or trust.
Body Paragraph 2
Although, Brutus tells the people of Rome that killing Ceasar was only done to protect the people of Rome. Brutus was a good friend to Ceasar, Ceasar trusted him as a good friend, due to this Brutus not only betrayed Ceasar but the people as well. Also, Brutus plans to kill Ceasar but not Anthony due to if they kill both the Rome people won’t see them as defending but see them as killers. In addition, when Brutus murdered Ceasar he thought Anthony would be ok with his actions
Some may see Brutus as a Patriot; his actions are clearly evil. Rome must be protected from Brutus himself, Brutus killed a person of Rome just to gain more power, not only did he kill any Rome citizen, but he murdered a friend that trusted him. While some may say he did this to protect others, his intentions were wrong, and no person should kill anyone for any reason:
“What villain touched his body, that did stab, And not for justice? What, shall one of us That struck the foremost man of all this world But for supporting robbers, shall we now Contaminate our fingers with base bribes, And sell the mighty space of our large honors For so much trash as may be graspèd thus? I had rather be a dog and bay the moon Than such a Roman”

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