Coloured precipitate is formed i Multiple Choice Questions4. OH1. The reaction of water

Coloured precipitate is formed i

Multiple Choice Questions
4. OH
1. The reaction of water with slaked lime is studied by
a. putting slaked lime into water taken in a test tube.
b. putting a lot of water into slaked lime.
c. sprinkling a little water on slaked lime.
d. None of the above method.
2. When ferrous sulphate crystals are heated, the residue obtained in the test tube is
a. red coloured b. blue coloured
C. green coloured
d. colourless
3. When sodium sulphate solution reacts with barium chloride solution, the solution after the
reaction contains mainly ….
a. barium sulphate b. sodium chloride c. a and b both d. none of a and b
4. The reaction of iron nail with copper sulphate solution is ………. reaction.
a. combination b. decomposition c. displacement d. double displacement

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