Cumulative Exam Cumulative Exam Review all 1 Read these stanzas from Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poems.”Ebb””Song of a Second April”

Cumulative Exam
Cumulative Exam Review all answers 1 Read these stanzas from Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poems.”Ebb””Song of a Second April” I know what my heart is likeSince your love died:It is like a hollow ledgeHolding a little poolLeft there by the tide,A little tepid pool,Drying inward from the edgeThe larger streams run still and deep,Noisy and swift the small brooks runAmong the mullein stalks the sheepGo up the hillside in the sun,Pensively,—only you are gone,You that alone I cared to keep.How are the messages of these two poems similar?Both poems suggest that nature heals all wounds.Both poems indicate that lost love causes loneliness.Both poems indicate that people must spend time alone.Both poems suggest that mourning should take place outside.2 As part of the process of synthesizing information from different sources, a readerdecides what the central ideas are.represents the ideas in visual ways.color-codes the data to make it easy to locate.divides the information into numbered sections.3The part of a recipe that determines if it was successful is called thegoal.evaluation.method.framework.4 A supporting text in an informational textadds information.proves something.makes logical judgments.examines something closely.5 Which of the following words would be found between the dictionary guide words “measure” and “memory”?mentalmealmembermetal6 Read the dictionary entry.The verb contrast in a dictionary entry, showing syllable breakdown and pronunciation guide.1. to compare and evaluate differencesWhat does Pronunciation guide for the word contrast. people to understand about the word being defined?the definitionthe pronunciationthe originthe part of speech7 Read the passage from When Birds Get Flu by John DiConsiglio.Dr. Dowell had proven that bird flu could pass from person to person. But still, it hadn’t been spread easily.Which excerpt from earlier in the text best provides evidence to support Dr. Dowell’s conclusion in this passage?The next step for Dr. Dowell and his colleagues was to determine how mother and daughter had caught the flu.After ing her uncle bury some dead chickens, the girl developed a stomachache and a high fever, Dowell learned.During her day in the hospital, she never left her daughter’s room. That meant the mother most likely caught bird flu directly from her infected daughter.It had become even more dangerous than before. Now many other people would be at risk of getting sick and dying.8Which statement best describes and explains the change in Gonzalo’s perspective in Seedfolks?Gonzalo’s perspective goes from worried to confident. The author uses Gonzalo’s view of his mother’s fear to show his burden of responsibility.Gonzalo’s perspective goes from negative to respectful. The author uses Gonzalo’s view of his uncle’s abilities to show Gonzalo’s growth in understanding.Gonzalo’s perspective goes from frustrated to accepting. The author uses Gonzalo’s view of his father’s English-language skills to express his self-confidence.Gonzalo’s perspective goes from confused to understanding. The author uses Gonzalo’s view of living in the United States to express his concern for Tío Juan.9 Which statement best describes how Paul Fleischman uses the characters in Seedfolks to deepen readers’ understanding of the “working as a community” theme?Making his characters somewhat familiar with and interested in gardening allows them to form friendships easily. Creating characters who have financial difficulties supports their willingness to cooperate with others.Making his characters aware of the dangers in the vacant lot supports their need to depend on each other. Creating characters who feel out of place in some way highlights their need to find common ground with their neighbors.10 Read the sentence.The president relied on his friends in other countries to him win the war against their common enemy.Based on the context of the sentence, which word would be the best replacement for friends?buddiesalliesassociatesmates


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